Dr.Vakuum CP 251-V

Dr.Vakuum CP 251-V

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Dr.Vakuum CP 251-V dry running claw vacuum pump was developed especially for use in industry applications where constant vacuum and completely oil-free compression are required. The pumps operate touch-free, neither oil nor water is needed within the compression chamber. This means no maintenance work such as check or replace wearing parts, oil and filters. The very high efficiency of the pump results in considerable saving in energy. No maintenance also results in low cost of ownership.

Nearly Maintenance-Free Operation
Dry and contact-free operating principle. No lubricants or operating fluids are required in the compression chamber, which benefit the machine in long operation and nearly maintenance-free.

Recommended for Oil-Free Industry
Widely use in industry that required no oil in the operation such as Food & Beverage, Medical & Pharmaceutical and Laboratory.

Technical Data

Nominal speed @ 50 Hz 250 m3/h
Motor speed @ 50 Hz 2930 rpm
Ultimate vacuum 150 hPa(mbar)
Inlet / outlet connection G2" / G1" G"
Electrical supply voltage, 3 phase @ 50 Hz
400/690 V
Motor power (Direct coupling drive) 5.5 kW
Insulation F Class
Sound level 74 dB(A)
Weight 248 Kg
Dimension 1110*480*578 mm