Dr.Vakuum DRV10

Dr.Vakuum DRV10

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Dr.Vakuum V10 
Two-Stage Oil Lubricated Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump  family. It is the latest premium products we have been developing for years. Its special design and high-quality materials drive to be your smart solution for various application & industries.

Technical Data

Nominal speed @ 50, 60 Hz 10(167), 12(200) m3/h(L/min)
Ultimate pressure(GP* open, GP* close) 5, 0.5 Pa
Motor power @ 3 phase, single phase 0.4 (4 poles) Kw
Motor speed @ 50, 60 Hz 1400 rpm
Inlet / outlet connection KF25 -
Oil filling 1.1 Liters
Gross weight  25 Kg


Characteristic Curves

* GP is the abbreviation of gas ballast port. *OS means "Oil mist Separator"