Dr.Vakuum DRS050

Dr.Vakuum DRS050

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Dr.Vakuum DRS020  A Dry Screw Vacuum Pump is a type of vacuum pump that operates using two parallel screws that rotate in opposite directions, creating a vacuum through the mechanism of positive displacement. These pumps are known for their dry operation, meaning they do not require any lubrication or oil to operate, making them ideal for applications that require a clean environment.

- Five-generation multiplex tech on screw rotor, eco-friendly, oilless, waterless, no pollution.

- Special screw design ensure operation at low temperature with high efficiency

- Air cooling technology applied

- Low noise, low power consumption, minimal vibration, high efficiency

- Vertical installation: for running in big amount of dust and liquids

Horizontal installation: for running in small amount of dust and liquids

Technical Data

Pumping speed @ 50, 60 Hz DRS050
Ultimate vacuum 46, 54 Pa
Motor power @ 50, 60 Hz
Equipped motor 3 (50) Kw
Power consumption 1.1/1.5 Kw
Speed @ 50, 60 Hz

Air inlet connector KF40 KF
Air outlet connector KF25 KF
Cooling type Air cooling
Lubrication Fully Synthetic Gear Oil 100
Seal type
Air inlet end (HV) Double lip rubber seal / Double lip teflon seal
Air outlet end (HV) Double lip seal, mechanical seal
Noise @ 50, 60 Hz 70/72 dB
Weight (w/o motor) 28 Kg