Dr.Vakuum V0140

Dr.Vakuum V0140

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Dr.Vakuum V0140 is the large size member of our V series, oil lubricated rotary vane vacuum pump family. It is the latest premium products we have been developing for years. Its special design and high quality materials drives to be your smart solution for various application & industries.

Dr.Vakuum V Series is our single-stage rotary vane vacuum pumpsThe robustness and operational reliability of oil lubricated rotary vane vacuum pumps have long made them the industry standard.

Industrial Standard
Our V series has been used by multiple global leading companies in their applications for over decades.

Efficient & Cost-Saving
Rotary vane technology has been continuously developed and optimized on the focus of the emphasis on operational reliability and efficiency

Technical Data

Nominal speed @ 50, 60 Hz 132, 158 m3/h
Ultimate pressure 0.1 mbar
Motor power @ 50, 60 Hz 3, 3.6 Kw
Motor speed @ 50, 60 Hz 1450, 1750 rpm
Water vapor capacity 2 kg/h
Sound level  67 dB(A)
Inlet connection G11/2" inch
Oil filling  3 Liters
Gross weight  90 Kg
Dimensions  752 x 445 x 285 L x W x H (mm)